Pure House Boutique Hotel

Architectural design: Chongqing Yueji Architectural Design Office
Architects: LI Jun, HE Biao
Project location: Dali, Yunnan province, China 
Area: 1550 ㎡
Completion time: March, 2017
Main Materials: White coarse sand plaster walls, native pebbles, catalpa wood, cement.
Interior design: Signyan Design 
Interior designers: XIE Ke, ZHI Hongxin
Photography: Arch-Exist, MConcept

In recent years, Dali has become the best architectural practice site for designers to express themselves due to its generous temperament, its unique geographical environment provides designers with a brand new way of thinking. Born here is the happiness of locals, staying here is the desire of outsiders.

Pure House Boutique Hotel is located in the hillside of Cangshan international golf community, back to the main peak - Xilu, facing to the Erhai Lake and the beautiful idyllic scenery with a broad vision. Terrain elevation difference between the north and south, east and west of the location is huge. Cangshan mountain is the theme of the whole design, and also the plotline. We hope that the building can be a part of Cangshan. With their years of experience in the mountains of Southwest China, the architects cleverly and effectively solved the problems concerning the utilization of terrain, landscaping, the organization of the space, view-blocking, and introduction of natural elements, etc,. The building's elevation was lowered as a sunken yard to fit the sloping fields. Two layers of halls are transparent and bright as they borrowed sceneries from courtyards in the front and back. Environment affects the space, and the space is the feedback of the landscape, sorting out the various contradictions, so the architectural form of Pure House Boutique Hotel is natural and warm. The walls of the courtyards on the left and right sides are continuous and positive, it merges the boundaries among the main building, courtyards, side yards, corridor and terrace, creates a natural and coherent feeling, eliminates the visual boundary between the building and the spaces inside and outside, establishes a visual link between the mountains, the sea, the pastoral areas. The interior is seclusion, while the outside is the mortal world.

In Chinese, Pure House is translated as "Shi Shan Fang", "Shi" has the meaning of active involvement, "Shan" refers to the environment where the building is located. "Fang" is a manifestation of return to the simplicity. Just like the English "Pure House", the hotel hopes to provide people with a pure living scene through the extraordinary minimal design way, so as to reflects the design concept of "relaxation" and "warmth". We have carried an attitude of following our heart, returning to the mountains from the initial design . The building integrates into the site with a peaceful and tolerant design approach. After constant discussions and self-denial, the number of rooms was reduced from the earliest 20 to 13, and finally came to its current best state. Here, we tried to establish a vivid spatial sequence: go up the mountain, enter into the yard, back to a room, watch the clouds, overlook the sea. The building provides an image of returning to "home" in a humble and gentle gesture. By integrating a series of narrative spaces into narrative sites, the designers create a unique space experience.

The entrance is located at the corner of the building, low-key and humble, down the steps, a ten-year red fruit tree stands in the center of the pool, it attracts people's attention instantly. Turning to the mottled entrance porch, we enter the reception hall and begin to experience the space in a daily and pure way. The public area takes the central stove as the visual center, the 2 layered spaces are the core of the entire ground floor. Other functional facilities, such as the reception center, book bar, dining area, inner and outer courtyards are unfolded around them. The lower-leveled courtyards in the front and back of the hall effectively solved the problem of elevation difference brought by the slopes, and also avoided the interference of traffic flow on the main road, therefore, a warm and interesting space was created. The bright sunshine in Dali, simple stones, warm wood, eclectic furniture and white walls form a dialogue in the spatial order, which is quiet and graceful, warm and comfortable.

Each of the 13 rooms of Pure House has its own characteristics, they all have an ample balcony or a private courtyard, the comfortable bedding in the large living spaces is striking, bright French windows, exquisite bathroom and expansive outdoor relaxing balcony, with the surrounding wide and charming landscape, people can enjoy the green hills outside the window, the blue Erhai Lake ... ... everywhere reveals the decent recreational temperament of Pure House, makes people unwilling to leave.

As the second public space, the semi-opened space on the top pushed the building to another climax, where the designers designed the coffee bar, communication area and sightseeing as a whole. The elaborate windows "cut" and "borrow" the sceneries of sunrise and sunset in Cangshan and Erhai lake. People enjoy their own leisure quietly, the book bar and terrace are close to the pool, that is a true 360 ° viewing platform. The huge pool becomes a delicate continuation of the Erhai Lake and floating clouds like a mirror, it leads people's vision away, melting in the uncertain daylight.

The owners as well as architects of Pure House - LI Jun and HE Biao are good friends for more than 2 decades, so they share common feelings and dreams; their same awareness and understanding of the project brought a very high efficiency. From the several site-selection, constant self-denial of design and the on-site construction guidance, finally they present a humble building, graceful flowers, ancient stones and mottled light and shadow to this land. The narrative spaces in Pure House respond to nature in a gentle way, it integrates into nature and grows in the environment, hence we can listen to our own heartbeats and find the true essence of life in real daily life. It brings us a touchable and warm building.